Taping Embroidery

Various attachiments can be selected to deal with a wide range of materials any yarns.

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using cord or tape materials! Wide variations of stitch types are easily selectable through the operation panel. High quality lock-stitch chenille embroidery

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Chain Stitch

This is a method to form consecutive squares or 8-shaped patterns in running stitches and make a variety of stitches.

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chain stitch embroidery


LAMBORGHINI is a top sports car brand, Logo bull within its powerful dynamic display. We use some special needle, as much as possible to reduce the number of colors, the color transition of smooth mu…

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St. Louis Rams Logo(3D)

In St. Louis Rams Logo in the 3D technology used to make antelope horn section with raised effect, and more able to express the meaning of Logo. 3D embroidery is a special digitizing method, usually …

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Welcome to the FineEmb studio, do you have embroidery or digitizing business to be outsourced, or does not have sufficient time and energy to take care of your current digital work, or you are not satisfied with your current digitizing employers? Please contact us! We will use very professional embroidery digitizing and competitive prices to provide you with a solution quickly. You can also view the works of our existing Gallery.

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  • Long-term technical support
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